It’s been almost four years since I entered and successfully finished my studies at the Studienkolleg, but the articles that I left here live a life of their own and remain helping people.

Every now and then I get letters from people with questions about the Studienkolleg system, the admission tests, the life in Germany in general. This article will bring back some of the past questions; hopefully it’ll be of help to some of you.

I’ll keep posting more questions under the Studies FAQ tag, so keep tuning in!

How easy are the courses?

I get this asked a lot and every time I’m left to say: it depends. There are two major variables: the course and your German skills. I’ve seen people with a pretty good handle on German struggle in Maths or Economics. I’ve struggled with History because my German was reaching its limits. In general, I advise people to get as good in German as they can, because they will be spending a year studying in the language and the better prepared they are, the easier it will seem.

Of course, no course will be easy if you don’t study.

What’s the best way to prepare for the admission test?

This was addressed in my previous posts, but I’ll reiterate by saying that you need to read a lot to get a better feeling of German for your C-test. Start with easy online articles; maybe stories you’ll read in a teen magazine, anything that’ll get you reading. Look into the details; pick up a text and break it down:

  • Why is this article “dem” and not “den” or “das”?
  • Why am I suddenly seeing “am”? 
    • Read up on your grammar basics.
  • What is the meaning of this word I keep seeing?
    • Certain words are used more often than others; learning what they mean will help you in the long run.

Keep a journal with the bits and pieces of grammar you keep seeing; try your own sentences! Use a textbook to practice on sentences you have problems with.

It’s all about what works for you, but you should tackle problems you keep having trouble with, they will not disappear on their own!


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