Having done a year of Germany’s preparatory college known as the Studienkolleg, I started my journey through its educational system at one of Germany’s many universities. Though a year has gone by, I feel that I can now truly comment on what the result of this experience has been and what I gathered from it.

All in all, it was very beneficial, no doubt. Some concepts we went through were covered in the 3rd semester, quite a memory refresher that was. Looking back, I smile to think that things like the demand-supply curve was something once so difficult to us. For people with no prior experience in their chosen subjects (like accounting), this starter set of knowledge is a treasure.

The way the language was given to us made a lot of difference between starting as a clean slate and having a solid foundation from which to go on. I still make mistakes, ab und zu, but the way the Studienkolleg transformed my abilities is simply astonishing. Safe to say, practical experience in the land of the language is simply essential.

To sum it all up, I think Studienkolleg has given me the start in my academic life like no other and I would greatly recommend it for people just starting out, wanting to get a taste of what the German educational system has to offer, in a neat package.

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